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The Gorilla Bracelet - We have partnered with the Gorilla Doctors, who are working to save Gorillas through veterinary care. Learn more at gorilladoctors.org

The Arctic Bracelet - We have partnered with the Woods Hole Research Center. They are researching the carbon emissions being released from the thawing ground and working to fight climate change. Learn more at whrc.org

The Coral Bracelet - We have partnered with Mote Marine Laboratory to help support their mission to protect the ocean and restore coral reefs, via growing and planting coral onto depleted reefs.  Learn more at mote.org

The Elephant Bracelet - We have partnered with Reteti Elephant Sanctuary to help support their mission to save orphaned and abandoned elephant calves and releasing them back into wild herds. Learn more at retetielephants.org

The Sea Turtle Legend Bracelet - We have partnered with the Olive Ridley Project to help support their mission to remove plastic ghost nets from the ocean and save injured sea turtles. Learn more at oliveridleyproject.org

The Koala Legend Bracelet - We partnered with Adelaide Koala Rescue to help support their mission to rescue and rehabilitate Koalas in Australia and release them back into the wild. Learn more at akr.org.au

12% of profits are donated to these organizations.

In 2016, the founder of Legend Bracelet traveled to the Philippines to serve underprivileged children. It was an experience that allowed him to personally witness the polluted conditions that these children had been born into. This journey allowed him to truly see the impact humanity can have on the earth.

After studying the impact climate change is having on our environment, he traveled to the Arctic to see the effects for himself.

Our brand is on a mission to create products that inspire you to connect with the earth and form a community that fights to protect it.