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Water Well Legend Bracelet

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Small - 7 inch - Usually fits adolescents and women with small wrists
Medium - 7.5 inch - Usually fits average sized wrists for women and men with small wrists
Large - 8 inch - Usually fits average sized wrists for men and women with larger wrists
Extra Large - 8.5 inch - Usually fits men with larger wrists

(For the best fit order .5 inches larger then your wrist size) If it's not a right fit, we'll exchange it for free. 😄

Each bracelet helps bring people access to clean water. We’ve employed a team of local workers in Sierra Leone, Africa to help build water wells in underserved communities.

One capsule is empty fill it with sand / earth or something meaningful.

The other capsule - filled with sand from where the water wells are being built in Africa. The place you’re helping to provide clean water.


  • Crafted from eco-friendly material, sustainably harvested from the bark of cork trees
  • Helps provide people access to clean water

  • Each bracelet comes with a card that allows you to read about the water wells you're helping to build
  • Uniquely hand crafted & magnetic clasp

    Ships in 2 - 3 Days