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A Bracelet with a Mission

Protect the Sea Turtles

A Bracelet with a Mission

Protect the Elephants

A Bracelet with a Mission

Protect the Koalas

A Bracelet with a Mission

Protect the Arctic

The Bracelets with a Mission

Protect the World & its Wildlife.

One capsule is empty - fill it with sand / earth or something meaningful.

The other capsule - comes filled with sand / earth from an area in the world we are helping to protect. A reminder to stay connected to the endangered places and species around the world.

- Crafted from eco & vegan friendly materials. Made from the bark of cork trees. 

- The process helps extend the tree’s life expectancy and increases it's CO2 absorption. 

- 12% profits donated to charities fighting to protecting the environment & it's endangered species.

Encapsulate Your Memories 


The earth / sand in the second capsule represents your support for an area of the world you are helping to protect. 

The Gorilla Bracelet contains sand from the rainforest and supports the work of Gorilla Doctors, who are working to save Gorillas. Learn more at gorilladoctors.org

The Arctic Bracelet contains permafrost (frozen ground) collected by scientists  from the Woods Hole Research Center.  They are researching the carbon emissions being released from the thawing ground and working to fight climate change. Learn more at whrc.org  read more 

The Story

In 2016, the founder of Legend Bracelet traveled to the Philippines to serve underprivileged children. It was an experience that allowed him to personally witness the polluted conditions that these children had been born into.  This journey allowed him to truly see the impact humanity can have on the earth.

After studying the impact climate change is having on our environment, he traveled to the Arctic to see the effects for himself.

Our brand is on a mission to create products that inspire you to connect with the earth and form a community that fights to protect it.